Opening Ceremony

Abiy Ahmed*
Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Closing Ceremony

Sahle-Work Zewde*
President of Ethiopia



Music, Fashion and Culture

Kiswahili : One Africa One Language

Youth, Sports and Capacity Building Across Africa

Africa security, Peace Building and Conflicts

Sustainable Education System in Africa

Africa Continental Free Trade and Business in Africa.

Sustainable HealthCare systems in Africa

Recognitions of leaders, NGOs/ Business Awards and Book Launch

Made in Africa (Solar Panels and Batteries)

Business Summit and Investment Opportunities

Climate Change and Action

Entertainment Industry and its business

E-Commerce, Entrepreneurs and Economy in Africa

Topics to be discussed in the conference


Our selfless Leadership is comprising of Global and National Executives. The Global executive led by the global chairperson runs the daily activities and program of the movement worldwide, while the National Executive led by the National representatives runs the activities and program for each country.

Africa Our Current membership censors is as follows

> Global Executive currently has 71 members

> National Executives is 510 Members in 48 Countries
worldwide and 51 National Representatives

> Global Membership runs over 2,791,047 and
growing members around the world.

Pg 11- Map


Encourage bonds of solidarity between Africans in the Diaspora and all inhabitants of African continent.

Engage discussion on the full
implementation of AFCTA that will lead to robust trade among African Nations.

To encourage faire Trade practices with Nations outside of Africa.

Create a home-grown Technological solution to modern day problems all phases of life.

Promote the one unifying common Language (Swahili)

To create the opportunity for Africans to unite for a transformative change and development, building the Africa we want (The African Dream).

Create a forum for peaceful conflict resolution in all nation affected by wars and internal conflicts across Africa.

To Discuss the effect of climate change in Africa and the solution that need to be adopted.

Discuss issues affecting our educational systems.


Our largest UPAM Conference this year will be in Ethiopia but will still be available to everyone virtually! We are offering all our members, partners, sponsors and supporters from every corner of the world, the opportunity to join us, by attending the event physically or virtually. We are taking the warmth and originality of our presential event to Ethiopia and online. We are planning something bold, unique, enjoyable, and engaging to those who will attend the conference physically in Ethiopia and those who will attend Virtually.

Like in our past events, the content will be curated, and great presentations, exhibition, panels, roundtables, interviews, product demonstrations, discussions and courses will take place. Sponsors and Exhibitors will have plenty of opportunities to showcase their services & products!

Pg 19- Ethipoia-logo


The 2023 UPAM Conference will have a flurry of activity leading up to and including the final event with both Africa’s biggest acts and local artists showing their support, which will attract both visitors and locals. We aim to encourage a sense of fun and opportunity to all who participate .The final night of the Conference will be a gala dinner and an awards ceremony.

Activities will include:


Pg-21-Upam Carnival

Running during the Conference the UPAM Carnival will be a 3 day celebration. It officially starts on day 1 of the conference. The UPAM Carnival will be known as the biggest Carnival and one of the most interesting artistic events of the year.

One of the greatest elements of the event is that it will not only provide entertainment for many people in Addis Ababa and surrounding areas and also give a chance to learn about the various cultures of Africa. It will be a euphoric event where people dance, sing, party and have tones of fun. There are many activities that will take place during the Carnival all day/night for the scheduled days. Adults and children of all ages will participate in the Carnival events, making this the ideal time for the whole family to have a good time together with UPAM!


The highlight of the Carnival will undoubtedly be the Parade with a twist of Various African/Ethiopian culture. The parade will take place through the busy Streets of Addis Ababa. Local Designers ( both professional and amateurs) as well as individuals will be invited to create costumes for the Parade. This is the real thrill, an unparalleled experience – to parade in a beautiful costumes, to the thrilling local music . The Carnival parades can be developed into something special, a competition between the costume designers.

The Parade is a highly orchestrated show of vast proportions. Every parader has a specific role and place according to his costume in a particular wing of a particular section of the theme he/she is parading in support of. Each participant (individual and designers) will pick a different theme for the Parade. It can be celebrating a particular period or highlight a special event or talk about anything really what might move the spirit and imagination; like a special animal or one of the elements, like water or fire, using UPAM colours. The parade will include fireworks displays.

Individuals attending the Carnival will be required to also in costumes using the
following themes :

> Celebrating UPAM

> Celebrating Ethiopia

> Celebrating Africa

Pg 22- A
Pg 22-B


Pg- 23- Concert@2x

The UPAM 2023 Conference will culminate with a star studded Music conference to showcase Africa’s best and brightest talents, with the sole aim of solidifying Africa’s position within the entertainment industry on a global level. Afrobeats, Dancehall and Amapiano Music is currently the fastest growing music genres, gaining global recognition and having internationally known talents tapping into this unique sound. The concert is not only providing that platform for African talents to showcase their music and talents but is also a platform for exposure of upcoming talent across the continent. We see this concept as a critical contribution to the development and awareness of African Music/Talents Globally. The results will be the expansion of physical and digital entertainment and lifestyle distribution, creating partnership opportunities around the globe.

The concert line up will include Africa’s biggest stars including


Pg 25

The Food & Wine Show, is the perfect element of our Conference attracting food and wine lovers in Addis Ababa. Enjoy a fantastic day out with friends and wander through the show, sampling from many food and wine of stalls, chatting to winemakers and distillers and hearing their stories. Sit back and be entertained by Africa’s musicians plus join in the fun of a masterclass from wine and cheese pairing to whisky tasting and graze at delicious pop-up restaurants. Different Embassies will showcase culture and food from different parts of the continent.


Gathering and Exposé of African Fashion Designers and creating a platform of Networking and empowerment.


»To provide a networking platform for African Fashion creatives.
» Exposure, knowledge and global opportunities they will access under one roof
» To create a healthy synergy between designers-buyers,
» To use the platform as a launch pad of African Fashion creatives to Global platforms.
» A platform that will expose designers to trends
» For Fashion Designers to be accepted as socio economic development agencies for countries as they contribute immensely to countries economy
» To lobby for support for African Fashion creatives
» To have a fashion master class

Top African Key Brand and designers will be there including:

Noma Mngoma

Zari Hassan

Special invitations will be extended to Global Fashion Stylists, International Buyers, Fashion Institutes, Media Houses and Fashion Influencers.



Issuance of Certifications


Prizes and Awards winning


Free Concert and Gala dinner to all conference delegates


Connecting with all types of opportunities (Business, Investment, Collaboration etc.).


Meeting and Connecting with World Pan African leaders, Musicians, African Football Legends.


Recognition and appreciation of Special Talents and People who have devoted themselves for the course of Africa.


Opportunities to showcase your business during the conference, UPAM Websites, E commerce, WNN, TVs and all social media handles.


The 2023 UPAM Conference will close off with a glitz and glamour Gala dinner and Awards Ceremony. The aims and objectives of these prestigious Awards are to encourage, acknowledge and reward the valuable contribution businesses, groups, organisations and individuals are making throughout Africa and also an networking opportunity with a lot of music and dance for the guests.

The Awards seek out and highlight the incredible achievements of individuals, groups and businesses that create a sense of pride, unity and inspiration through their role modelling to the wider community.


We are doing an event that centers on a TV news station set where our hosts will present and introduce the content of the event as it moves along. When you tune in you will arrive at this “center stage” where you can stay or move to the live

The anchors will also present news clips of the industry, interview excerpts, video messages from all over the world, sponsors and partner discussions. What will be truly captivating is the Exhibition that we are building where participants can enter, walk around and meet our great sponsors. That’s what Exhibition is all about: meeting people, partnering. We help people meet each other, we help companies come together and discuss business. Join us!




The Conference includes:


Ethiopian Government Engagement

Speakers from various Ethiopian Government Ministries and Departments will join the delegates to engage on key policy and economic issues and make plans for future collaboration.


Break-Away Sessions

Delegates will participate in small group conversations to discuss practical ways to address common challenges, allowing them to connect with each other and representatives from Government, Private sector, Civil Societies, and other partners.



Representatives from African Governments, private sector, and civil society across the continent will showcase their work, products and services and explore opportunities for future collaboration with sponsors, partners and



Delegates are encouraged to connect
via networking sessions, allowing them to interact with other delegates and stakeholders for brief conversations and exchange contact information.


Ignite Talks

Selected UPAM Members will have their three- to five-minute TED Talk-style presentations showcased during the Conference. Ignite Talks provide a platform for UPAM members to share the work they are doing or plan to do or to share their thoughts on an issue of importance to them partners.


Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies set the tone for the whole conference. Our goal is to inspire delegates at the opening ceremonies and get them elated for a highly productive conference. And as you would expect, there can be no Annual Conference without the gala evening to provide a fitting ending to a productive conference program.


Sponsorship allow companies to position their brand, deliver key messages and convey thought leadership to target audiences through a series of highly visible branding, networking and speaking opportunities that deliver measurable returns on investment.

These high-profile branding and sponsorship opportunities will allow your company to:

Enhance your corporate image that ultimately influences customer attitudes
Assist with driving sales as potential clients seek out your company
Heighten your company’s visibility and profile before, during and after the event
Differentiate your company and standout within the competition